Reading Books vs Watching Movies: Round I

Mama, tomorrow can you show me what itchyworms look like?


We’re reading through the How to Train Your Dragon series, and Red Hot Itchyworms are miniscule dragons that guard the floor of the Library – biting any skin not covered by dragonhide, causing horrible tickly itches.


Best I can do is look to see if there’s a drawing in the book of them, m’love. They’re not real, so I can’t find a picture for you. That’s the wonderful thing about reading books – you can decide for yourself what things look like, in your own head, while you’re reading.  Can’t do that with a movie, can you?


We’d been talking a little about reading vs watching movies. Cameron had claimed that reading was boooooring, and I’d countered with pointing out how much fun it was to read about the Hairy Scary Librarian getting attacked by itchiworms. He’d argued that you can watch a movie and see the cool stuff happening. I pointed out that there are far more books than movies, so reading opened up whole new worlds of excitement and adventure.


He frowned, now, about imagining what was going on in books.




Yes, Cameron. When we first watched How to Train Your Dragon, did Hiccup sound like you thought he was going to sound?




Did you think he’d sound like he sounds like when I’m reading what he says, with my voice?




You had your own idea about what he sounds like, didn’t you?


Yeah, and he didn’t look right in the movie, either.


And we talked about how Toothless looks different too, bigtime. But you can close your eyes and see what you think Toothless looks like right?


Yeah! He’s green, and about this big, and kinda thin but fat cheeks.


Score another point for Mama in the reading vs movie debate. Reading rocks.


So Cameron,  I think that itchyworms are teeeeny little dragons that barely have any wings, they’re orangy red, and you can’t see just one of them. They move like this (wriggle, wriggle) all together, because if they didn’t move all together they’d bump and knock each other off balance there are so many of them together.


Well, I think they’re red-red, with big eyes and claws, and they scratch and tickle, they’re skinny and really long with little legs and long necks, and they don’t wriggle, they wind around each other and slither like snakes.


A long pause, while he smiled widely in the darkness of his bedroom, eyes all excited. So much for a bedtime wind down.


And Mama? When I grow up, I want to make a movie. I want to decide how things look.  There are lots more books than movies, so there are lots of movies still to be made, right? I could make those movies.


I told him that I believed him, that he could, and I couldn’t wait to see that movie.


Tomorrow, Mama, I’m going to draw a picture of itchyworms. Just like I see them.


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