Skating and Snow and Happinesses

It’s been a rough couple of weeks on the parenting front. Cameron’s been a little off, to say the least. This weekend, though, things improved vastly … for me, at least. It was Kate’s turn, it seems. And while Cameron’s behaviour has improved, he seemed to delight in provoking her. It would be easy to let the tension and frustration (and exhaustion of hearing them constantly bickering) cloud what was otherwise a wonderful adventure-full afternoon.

So, a happiness post is in order.

Excited blue eyes as we boarded the Skyride up Grouse Mountain.

Fog – giving a mystical, surreal feel to the top.

A peaceful scene of snow-laden fir, hemlock, and cedar trees just steps away from the bustle of ski resort activity.  I think it’s the best setting for a skating pond in the city.

Watching Cameron skitter and slip, secure in a red ‘cage’ to help him stay upright on skates.

The laughter of Kate and Leif nearby, as they played at pushing each other, or ‘dancing’ with Kate twirling.

The humour of hearing Cameron say, “Put your hands on your knees and you won’t fall down,” followed by him letting go of his knees, taking a few steps, and falling spectacularly (video to come).

The surprise, and then a broad smile and chuckle from Santa, where we got an unexpected visit by the skating pond. Cameron had said he wanted to tell him something after he’d called a hello from afar, but couldn’t seem to get the words together, and instead just hugged Santa. Magical. Cameron will remember, I’m sure, the feel of that hug, the frosty red suit on his cheek, the white gloved hand ruffling his hair, and maybe the feel as much as the sound of the man’s laugh for the rest of his life.

Cameron’s whispered glee as we sat on a bench later. Santa smiled at him! Santa rubbed his hair! Did maybe Santa give him some magic? I suggested that when he sees Santa again he should ask about that, and for a moment Cameron looked like he might. But then … no. “He might tell me he didn’t! I don’t want to ask him.” A moment later, as I was taking off my skates, I heard him say, “He gave me some. I just know it!”

Pizza with the best view in the city, and my favourite people.

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