Artist in Residence: part III

Between occasional viewings of the TV show Art Attack, and I’m sure his beloved weekly art class, Cameron’s artistic expression is branching out.

First, there was the ‘art attack’ in the living room, titled “A Bed for Nimoo Kitty.”  Each piece was very carefully laid out, with great thought going into the placement of the blankets, book, and grabber especially.

Then a few nights ago Cameron asked for bubbles in his bath. He hasn’t asked for bubbles in a long time – in fact, the last time I’d put them in he’d changed his mind and flat-out refused to get in. I didn’t think anything of it, or of the gleeful grin as he hopped in, figuring it’s a phase thing. It took him a little while, but he called me in and asked me to bring the camera.

It won’t last, Mama, hurry! I want a picture of my art! Ohwait, it needs …

A dab of foam went on the wall in a place that apparently was in need, and he stepped back.

There. It’s done. Take a picture now, please, Mama!

He was so thrilled, he even posed for a picture with his art. He titled it, “Clean.”


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