With Apologies to Security Guards


Cameron was in tears. We’d been all comfily snuggled in bed, when he realized from what I said that we will be staying in Whistler all next weekend.  We go up there on Friday, he’ll do ski school on Saturday, and then come home on Sunday. What an adventure!


My son, however, is a homebody. He likes sleeping in his own bed. He doesn’t want to sleep anywhere else. Ever.


What could we bring, Cameron, that would make you feel more comfortable in the hotel?


Bunny, Blankie, Arf-arf, Draco, Dragon, my spaceshuttle blanket, my pillow, my heart pillow, my books, my nightlight, my bed, my …


Woah, hold on. We’re so not bringing your bed. They have beds in hotels.


They do?


Here I’d been talking about staying in a hotel, while Cameron had never ever even seen the inside of one before! Of course he was feeling a little uncertain and insecure!


So I explained to him what a hotel is, and what it will look like. I reminded him that he’ll be there with me and Leif and Kate, and Kaylee and Jessica and their parents will be there too.


He still didn’t look happy.


But if it’s like our apartment, then there are doors, and people.


Ah – we have a door between our apartment and Joanne and Paul’s part of the house. We don’t leave it locked, because we trust each other.


Are you worried about being safe, Cameron? Ahhhh. Even with all of us there? Well, all of the doors have big locks. We can lock them when we’re inside, and keep everyone else out.


He looked a little brighter with this.


And they have security guards, too.


They do?


Sure! And you know what? They’ve got the most boring job in the world there.




Yeah they do. Because there aren’t any bad guys in Whistler.  All they do is walk around the halls, twiddling their thumbs, because they’ve got nothing to do.


The security guards are bored? There’s no bad guys there?


I nodded solemnly. Everyone there is there to ski and snowboard and have fun.


So today I caught him pretend playing, marching around with a swagger, making a show of wiggling his thumbs, and announcing:


I’m soooooo boooooored. I’m a security guard. There’s nothing to do!


The good news is that he’s now back to being focused on the skiing, instead of on possible bad guys.



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