Headed on Holiday Tomorrow!

Every now and then I try to take a few minutes to appreciate the things that made me happy. Sometimes I do it in response to a horrible, awful day, or sometimes I’m finding that I’m just focusing on the rough things in the day and need a reminder that it wasn’t really that bad. Sometimes though it’s like today, where I just want to appreciate.

  • I woke up in darkness, groggy and grumpy, saying to myself, “Oh great. I bet it’s five minutes before the alarm is going to go off.” I was wrong. It was only 3:30. Such a great feeling, to be able to smoosh the pillow around so it was comfy again, close my eyes, and relax back into sleep.
  • I don’t like writing about work much here, as I know that a few people at work read here! But let’s just say that I was asked to help someone do something I wasn’t familiar with on a machine I’m in charge of but don’t often work with. I figured it out on the fly, set up the protocol for the tech who will be doing the work, and helped her with research design given some of the trickier aspects of her assay. And earned positive comments from someone known to be a bit hard to please. Felt good.
  • I went downstairs to watch Cameron’s class at karate tonight. It was kind of fun to watch, there were only four kids, and so they got lots of personal instruction. But at one point the other little boy started goofing around – their main instructor wasn’t there at the time just his assistant, who doesn’t have the same degree of control. He kept asking the boy to do as he was instructed, instead of telling him, and the kid just kept going. Now Cameron isn’t one to sit idly by when there’s fooling around being done. He started laughing. Not a polite social laugh, but an all-out belly chuckle that he clearly couldn’t stop. Okay, normally my child misbehaving isn’t something I’d write about in a happiness post but wow is his laugh ever infectious. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it, and thinking about how visibly difficult it was for the instructor to not join in.
  • “Date night” with Cameron, Brianna, and her family was awesome as always. The kids had their own booth as always (that’s the ‘date’ part, dates for me happily involve Leif), grownups got our own table. We had great conversation, good food, and peace.
  • Flowers. Purple orchids, a Christmas present from Leif, still blooming on the windowsill. Blue daisies, from Leif and Cameron, to cheer me up when I had an irrationally grumpy day last weekend. I thought I was behaving like a monster, but Leif’s comment was that if this was the worst I get, things are looking pretty easy! And paper carnations on pipecleaner stems. Cameron and Grandma made them … when? Last Christmas? They’re in a vase on my coffee table, and they make me smile every time I see them.
  • Tomorrow we head up to Whistler with Leif and Kate for a fun long weekend! I’ve still got a lot of packing to do. Cameron’s done, it’s just me left, shouldn’t take too long. While I’m missing Leif, I’m glad that we’re here at home tonight, there was no way I could’ve finished packing last night, plus been ready for the hectic-ness that Thursdays always are. Tomorrow I’ll register Cameron for kindergaten at the school he will probably be going to, then we throw stuff and kids in the car and drive!

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