Midnight on Valentine’s Day

I’ve got to get to bed. But I know I haven’t posted … it’s another “where to begin,” thing! I’ll post tomorrow about our weekend adventures at Whistler Creekside. Tonight, though, was Valentine’s day. It was marvelous.

Okay. The day wasn’t so conventionally marvelous, Cameron was sick enough (cold, ear-thing, fever) to stay home from daycare but not-sick enough to drive me bonkers at home, so I took him to work with me. Turned out to be a sweet, lovely day. He happily greeted everyone in Mandarin, whether or not that’s the language they speak. He did ’rounds’ with me through the Centre, checking on equipment, asking me “how,” and “why,” every step of the way. He’d see something interesting, plant his feet, and haul me as hard as he could until I stopped to tell him about what he was looking at. By the end, he could distinguish between ‘small stuff’ and ‘tiny stuff’ balances, a centrifuge and an incubator, and knew which tanks held nitrogen and which held carbon dioxide. Not bad! Then the rest of the day he spent playing with lego in a corner of my office, or on Starfall.com or Youtube, watching NASA videos and that great animation of cells and how they work. Every now and then he’d look up at me and smile, and say, “You’re the best, Mama,” or, “I love you.” Perfect.

Then the evening was perfect, low-key and comfortable, exactly what I like. Leif came over and spoiled me – flowers, wine, and he made dinner. There was spinach salad with strawberries and blueberries, chicken baked with cheese (swiss? I’m not sure), avacado, and mushrooms, and butter-slathered (yum) carrots. Oh, and smartie-crusted cookies for dessert, a big hit with Cameron. We got some quiet time to just hang out together after Cameron was asleep – you know that kid is fighting something off when he’s out so fast, I swear it took two minutes before he was snoring.

In all, a fabulous Valentine’s day, spent with my two favourite guys. Er … sorry, Dad and Bill. Two OF my favourite guys!


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