New Adventure: Tubing!

This could go either way, I thought, as we looked up the steep hill.


Do you want to try the shorter hill first, Cameron, or go all the way to the top?

All the way to the top, Mama!


I watched him, curious, as we waited our turn.


We were called for our turn, and he eagerly pulled his tube to the start of the run, and hopped in.


I half expected him to look down – down, and down – and bail. But he grinned up at the attendant, nodding.




He looked like he was thinking this was a baaaad idea part way down, as we picked up speed, bounced around and dropped, and the wind whipped away our breath. Remembering the roller coaster in the summer, I whooped and hollered and laughed, and soon he was doing the same.


He jumped to his feet and wouldn’t pose with a smile, he was too eager to get back up there again.

WOW! C’mon Mama! Let’s go again!


I could put twenty exclamation marks there and it wouldn’t convey the excitement!


When Kaylee wanted to do a run with him, he was just thrilled. Most of the kids’ interactions over the weekend were the girls’ dynamic, the typical two is company, three is a crowd. Mostly Cameron will play happily alongside-with them, and they’re pretty good about including him, but this was Kaylee wanting to be with him. And just him. And he got to be a ‘big kid’, and go down the runs on his own, no Mama holding onto him. I caught glimpses over the snowbanks when I was next to them, two kids holding onto each other’s tubes, laughter on the wind.

Tonight when I tucked him into bed, he had a quiet smile, and a twinkle in his eye.

I’m thinking of tubing, Mama. It felt like flying.

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I should say here, we were at the Whister Blackcomb Tube Park. Follow the link for more info, if you’re thinking about a trip there! It was expensive – book your tickets online ahead of time to save some. And do check out their height requirements for the different runs if you’ve got small kids.



3 responses to “New Adventure: Tubing!

  1. Naomi! Wow, it has been forever. I think the last time I saw you was at the farm to hear Michael Pollan’s talk, almost two years ago? The yellow tomato plants gave us lots of seriously yummy salads.

    Check out the pics – there’s one where Cameron’s standing on a black and green thing. That’s a giant conveyor belt that moves people up. It’s slow, but faster and easier than walking for sure.

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