Morning Magic, and More on Security Guards

I trudged out of the bedroom, wondering why on earth I’d stayed up so late the night before a ski/snowboard day. Time to get the kids up so they’d be on time for ski school. Surprise! Cameron was already awake, down from the top bunk he’d shared with Kate. He was perched on the back of a chair in the living room, silhouetted in the morning light through the window, gazing out. In the dim light, he glanced back to see me, and smiled sweetly. He was so totally at ease that I didn’t want to spoil things by demanding what the heck he was doing sitting on the back of the chair.


Did you hear that Mama? A train! I heard a train!


He pointed out the window and added, with a sparkle in his eyes,


And look at the snow on the mountain! The gondola just started, too.


It was an almost surreal moment filled with magic to me.


This was far outside of his normal behaviour in the mornings. He’s usually in bed with me before he’s even really gotten his eyes open – never has he just gone to our living room to play without at least a snuggle-stop.


Staying in a hotel was in itself an adventure for Cameron, and I’m glad that he was so relaxed by the first morning that he could do this. He’s stayed in various homes, in a tent, and in a trailer, but never in a hotel. He is, as I’ve mentioned, a bit of a homebody. And he was worried about his safety on this trip. Who can blame him? The kid didn’t even really know what a hotel was, after all.


Contrary to my concerns, Cameron adapted in the blink of an eye. After all, the hotel was just like a condo. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room. And so much fun to be had with three friends (Kate, Jessica, and Kaylee), and four grownups.


Even better, the security guard thing kicked in.


At one point, walking down the hall to the kids playroom and the hot tub, Cameron asked me,


Mama, where are the security guards? You said there would be security guards?

Yeah, I said that. They’re here, I’m sure. Where do you think they are?

Probably having coffee at Starbucks, since there aren’t any bad guys here.





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