Mutiny on the High Seas II

Cameron and I curled up in his bed, reviewing the highlights of the weekend we’d spent with my mom visiting.  One cherished memory was of the False Creek Ferry –  our first time on one since moving to the north shore. Once they were a frequent mode of transportation for us, zipping between English Bay and Granville Island, and over to Cambie street or Science World.  When we got back I read to him the story we had composed together, of Captain Cameron and his mutinous crew.

So snuggled there in the darkness,  a sequel took shape.

Mama, we’re on a beach, on a warm island where it’s summer all the time.

Oh? How did we get here? And where are we going?

Shhh, Mama. I’ll tell you.  When we were on the False Creek Ferry, there was an accident.  The driver was looking at Riley, and not watching where we were going, and he RAN into an AQUABUS.

He bumped so hard that the boat rocked lots, and he fell off his tall chair and right into the water!

Oh no! Cameron, was he okay?

Oh, yeah. He can swim. And then he climbed into the other boat.

Oh good.

And then all the other people didn’t know what to do, because the driver was gone. But one person knew!

Who? Me?

Nope! ME! Remember?  So I climbed up and said, “I don’t wanna go to Granville Island, I wanna go to Grandpa Bill’s island!” And everyone yelled, “YEAH!”

So I tooted the horn and off we went!

It’s a long trip, Cameron. Didn’t we get hungry?

Oh. Well. I guess we stopped to get groceries. And we could catch fish.  So we’re on our way, and we’ll get there tomorrow. I sure hope he’s ready for visitors!

Both Cameron and Leif’s niece Riley (here is hoping I spelled her name right) were allowed to drive the boat unassisted. Cameron did great, steering left and right (nono, other right!) as requested. No, the driver did not leave the boat by accident or on purpose, but  instead lounged casually beside the kids, keeping a careful eye out. Next time though, look out! Apparently Cameron’s thought of how to get him off the boat and take over as captain!


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