Weekend Adventure: Lighthouse Park

Cameron’s had a thing about lighthouses for quite a while. I figure it’s Nana’s influence – her condo is filled with images of lighthouses (one in particular). And when you think about it, they’re pretty cool. Bright lights, protecting ships from being broken to bits on the rocky coastline, foghorn, and all that. In Oregon we took the kids into a lighthouse, and Cameron’s head just about exploded. He still talks about the prisms and the light’s rays going out. He mentioned them the other day, and described how they worked in far more detail than I thought he’d grasped, and this is months later.

It sounds a little random, and he does do random quite frequently, but in this case it wasn’t particularly.


On Sunday, after swimming and kickboxing (which is what I really should be calling his ‘karate’ class), and a huge grocery shopping trip, I suggested that we go to Point Atkinson. It’s quite nearby, in West Vancouver, along a twisty, windy Marine drive.


It’s filled with walks through moss-covered rocky terrain, high cliffs rising from the ocean’s swells, and old growth forest with towering, ancient trees. Overhead squee-ed bald eagles (I know that’s not a word, but they don’t exactly screech, caw, or chitter; they squee), while ravens croaked in the trees.  Cameron found a walking stick, and happily led the way for me and Mom. After a while Leif, who had to deal with more traffic than we did, caught up with us – yay for cell phones!


Best of all for Cameron, there’s a lighthouse.


Now, normally it’s off limits to visitors.


Okay, it’s always off limits as far as I can tell.

However, when we got to the end of the lane, the red gate stood wide open and there were people clear to be seen around the base of the lighthouse.


So we went.


Yeah, we saw the sign saying something like “No public access,” on the open gate, but we went anyways. Who knows, the other gate was open and we were allowed through, and this gate was open, and there were lots of people, so let’s go!


Around the base of the rock the lighthouse stands on we went, and Cameron took off at a run up the stairs. I caught up with him eventually, and perched him on the lookout’s thick but crumbling stone walls so he could see.


On the way back, we found Leif on the stairs, listening to woman whose voice and body language clearly indicated she was upset and possibly a little angry, though we couldn’t hear what she was saying. Ooops. She was saying we were NOT supposed to be there and to please leave right away!


So we took one of the paths down to the beach to explore while the sun sank to the west. We luckily spotted that the tide was coming in surprisingly fast when we were out on a large rock, and the water had cut off our beach access back! Not too deep at least, Cameron soaked a foot, I think Mom and I got through dry. Leif? He took the high road, not an option for me in the shoes I was wearing!


In all, a rather exciting trip filled with adventure. Not that I want Cameron to equate adventure with trespassing, but what the hey. He got to explore a place that very few people get to visit any more, up close.


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