Quiet Weekend Happinesses

It was an evening filled with whines and tears here. Cameron was unsettled about something – my guess is the imminent-but-not-soon-enough arrival of my Dad and Janice, combined with not enough sleep finally catching up with him, and he’s fighting off some bug still. But then I went and made it worse, being the parent, I decided that in this state of mind he needed to play a little quietly at home, then eat, have a bath, and go to bed. Notice the lack of ‘playing with Grace’ in there? Yeah, he didn’t like that one bit, and a boy already teetering on the edge plummeted into sobs rather frequently.


But instead of dwelling on that (and there were good moments – Cameron ate a good dinner without one word of complaint despite it not being a favourite, I read him stories, and we played Pengoloo … until he saw that he wasn’t going to win and swooshed his arm across the whole thing, whups, didn’t I say I wasn’t going to dwell?), how about a look back at the weekend?


We didn’t get up to any big adventures, certainly nothing on the scale of a ski weekend in Whistler or anything. But we did take Cameron’s giant Styrofoam airplane out for a whirl – literally – in the park. The wind blew hard little pellets of snow against us, and we were the only ones out there playing in the park, but Cameron was determined. Now, the airplane did have an unfortunate collision last time we had it out, and so needed repairs. It’s a little unbalanced what with all the duct tape on its tail! But with a strong heave from Leif, it soared up, up, up into the air, and flew a loop-de-loop back down. Then again, up, up, up and over! There was a break from piloting after Cameron flew it in short hops from one end of the field to the other, for us to run around the playground in a game of tag. Then back we went, until the grownups were living the experience of “No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Yeah, we weren’t prepared. Cameron was warm though!


Beyond that, we didn’t really adventure at all. In fact, we did a lot of staying at home in a warm living room. But for all that it was a quiet weekend, it was a happy one.


  • Sometimes I need a bit of a kick in the butt to get me moving about home-type things. My bedroom never really got unpacked. Boxes got moved. Piles of clothing got heaped and dug through. Books stayed in boxes. However, my parents are arriving! So now my bedroom looks a bit more like we moved here over a year ago.
  • The same kick-in-the-butt thing applies to my laundry room. It still looks like I’ve forgotten the last step of doing laundry (the putting away part). But at least it no longer looks like a recycling heap.
  • Cameron and I baked cookies. They didn’t turn out great. Oh well, that’s not the point. The process was the point. Getting him involved and having fun doing something he likes to do was the point, that whole kid-oriented quality time thing.
  • Fresh baked bread. Leif forgot his loaf here … darn.
  • Cameron had his first kickboxing/karate class as a High Yellow Belt. Thankfully, the shenanigans of Thursday’s test day were worked out of his system.  That, and his Sensei set the tone of expectation just right as he was reciting the Dojo’s creed. Cameron was, at that point, the only kid in class. Under the watchful eye of Sensei, he squirmed, and “CAMERON!” was firmly barked at each stanza. While Mama quietly cheered at the back.
  • I nearly forgot! Cameron out in the snow as I got up on Sunday (hooray, Leif, who intercepted an incoming morning-bright kid and let me sleep in). He was stomping around, flopping down to make snow angels, and having a blast. We don’t get snow often here, so it was a big treat for him.
  • Dad and Janice arrive in two days. I think I have my list o’things to do whittled down to: get recycling and garbage out tomorrow morning, heartlessly clear out the fridge so there are no sentient life forms remaining, top off the fish tank, vacuum the floors, and do something about the mass of laundry … probably put it away like I should.

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