An Architect-Astronaut-Engineer

Cameron’s still working on what he wants to be when he grows up.

When I’m all grown up, Mama, I’m still going to live with you. I’ll be a grown-up kid. You and me, we’ll still live together. When I’m not living in the international space station.

Oh? I thought you were going to marry Grace when you’re a grown-up.

Yup. I’ll marry Grace, and we’ll both live with you.

Hmmm. You might want to discuss this with her, you know. Last I heard, she figured you and she could live here in the basement suite, with her parents living above.

Oh! Nono. I’ve got an even better idea than that. I’ll design a building. A big building. A sky scraper, and we can all live in it. Me, Grace, You, Leif, Kate, Joanne, Paul, and Beth. I’ll design it, because I’ll be an engineer. Engineers see problems and solve them. So I’ll draw a plan.


I’m going to need a really big piece of paper,  Mama.

Cameron’s been watching this video lots lately:


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