Hi. I’m Back.

I’ve been so negligent here … for a long time! First my Dad and Stepmom were here, and it’s hard to take the time to write when you have such interesting and wonderful people to visit with. We got up to lots of fun though, plenty of post fodder. If I could just get up the energy to write. Again, I’m stuck in the “Posts are huge long essays that are carefully thought out” rut. Since I know darned well that I do my best writing when I’m not really thinking or planning, and since I also know that readers’ interest wanes in a direct relationship with the length of posts, I should know better. So … here’s a start.

Hi. I’m back.


2 responses to “Hi. I’m Back.

  1. Np, Blogs are inner sense of mind. You can write the way you want. May be a short post or a long one, both makes sense.

    But writing with a plan and making it within a standard of 400-500 inclusion is the best.

    Thank you for this post.
    Taren from Global Wholesale Clothing Hub.

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