Adventure With Grandpa

Cameron and I have done  a lot of exploring around our neighbourhood in the year and a bit that we’ve lived here. But there are still a few places on our Adventure List. For starters, our neighbourhood lies between a stream and a river … uh. Okay. In this neck of the woods what neighbourhood doesn’t? Still. On one side, we’d already hiked down the river. But on the other? I knew there was a park – a quick check on google maps showed yup, green and foresty. I knew that at the base of it there were paths, and a playground. At the top near our place as well, there were paths. Just seemed logical that inside that forest there were paths too.

So on an afternoon when Janice and I needed some kid-free time at home (I made a fancy looking but easy two-sided fleece blanket for a friend who is having a baby, Janice made a small pillow out of the scraps and discovered just how badly my sewing machine needed maintenance), Cameron and Dad got to explore. At first Cameron didn’t seem too keen, until I called it a special adventure, just for him and Grandpa.

And off they went.

Kind of hard to write a blog post about something I didn’t do… but Cameron took his camera with him. So I’ll let his pictures show you some of it. What I do know is that they found out that the paths do indeed meet somewhere in the middle, they found their way to the playground, and came back along the road.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And Cameron still talks about the adventure that he and Grandpa went on, and loves to point out the path they took. Someday he’ll take me for a walk down there. But right now, I think he wants to keep it a special place where he went, just him and Grandpa.


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