Mommy blogs are so often filled with stories about toilet training. I was sure I’d gotten past the poop posts. So sure. And so wrong.

Cameron’s having some troubles learning to wipe himself. You see, he can’t quite tell when he’s clean enough. I’ve told him to keep wiping until there’s no brown on the toilet paper, but well, sometimes he just doesn’t manage. And I think this was frustrating to him. So he wants to see in the mirror, to see if he’s clean. Clever kid, yes?


Mooooommmm! There’s POO on the MIRROR!


Cameron was standing on the bathroom floor. We’d taken the last block of the walk home at a run, he had to go so badly, but he’d told me he made it on time. Sure didn’t look like it. His pants were down around his rainboots, and his lower half was smeared with poop. And yes. There was a butt-print of poo on the mirror. The one above the sink.


I considered taking a picture. Briefly.


I expressed exasperation … to put it mildly, and asked him why he’d told me he made it to the toilet in time. And of course, why was there a butt-print on the mirror?


I did! Mama, I did. This was after!


So, my curious little boy had decided that he wanted to see what a poopy bum looked like. When he realized that he was very messy, instead of wiping (or I think even waiting until he was finished, given the volume of poop we’re talking about here), he pulled up his pants, climbed onto the counter, turned around, and dropped his pants. Then he bent over to have a look, but was too close, and left a print.


And he couldn’t understand why I was upset. He just wanted to see what a poopy bum looked like. Nothing wrong with that!


2 responses to “Curiosity


    Just think, though – ten years from now, HE’LL be the one that’ll be upset while you can feign confused innocence as you retell this tale to his best/girlfriend(s)!

  2. I’m going to have soooo many stories to embarass him with.

    And I think he understands some of the risk involved here. As we were doing our end-of-the-day snuggle and chat, he solemnly requested,

    Mama? Please, don’t tell anyone?

    Uh. Kiddo? Too late. Reeeaaaallly too late.

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