Fooled the Wind!

Last summer, inspired by the endless, windy beaches we saw driving down the coast of Oregon, we bought the kids kites. Kate got a bright pink one, and Cameron chose a black pirate themed one, with long tentacle-like streamers; a black jelly fish sporting the Jolly Rodger. Cameron kept seeing it, tucked against the wall in the kitchen, and he’d beg. “When is it gonna be windy? Pleeeeaase can we try to fly it? Look see, a leaf just moved, it’s windy, isn’t it?”

Since then the wind and the rain have conspired against us. If it’s been windy, it’s been raining. Sunny? Maybe gusts, or a slight breeze, but not enough to get the kites up. There was the time in Comox on Goose Spit when it looked like it might be windy enough … we didn’t even have Cameron’s. Leif managed to get Kate’s up briefly, and Cameron tried to make do with my frame-less rainbow sledge kite, but as soon as the wind figured out what we were up to it fled.

Finally, a couple of weekends ago, the forecast called for wind and sun. Together!

We were sneaky, started off heading one direction, then turned around and went another, and we told nobody that we’d packed kites. Okay, the sun hid – word must’ve leaked out that we had the kites with us. But the weather couldn’t get it together to dump rain on Spanish Bank, and the wind was already committed, so finally, up went the kites!

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