The Freedom to Throw Heavy Objects

At home, Cameron is so not allowed to throw or launch heavy, hard objects. You know, the whole “Ow my toe,” factor, as well as the potential for, “Oops, but I didn’t aim for the glass of the fireplace,” or, “Well, we could hang a picture there to cover the hole in the wall until we can get it fixed.” Joanne? Paul? Breathe. It hasn’t happened.

So imagine Cameron’s delight at being allowed to not only send a hard and heavy ball rolling away from him with as hard a ‘throw’ as he could manage, but also to aim at tottery things with the purpose of knocking them down?

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(Just a quickie post tonight. I spent too long watching the Canucks game – YAY CANUCKS WAY TO GO – and haven’t yet made lunches, had a shower, put away dishes, or anything. Bowling was great, we went in March to the Commodore Lanes downtown with Betty and Hannah and her partner Iain. Super awesome fun!)


One response to “The Freedom to Throw Heavy Objects

  1. I love Dave and Busters for this very reason 🙂 I can not wait for my kids to be old enough to take bowling and to play whack-a-mole 🙂

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