Cameron Likes the Nature of Things

The scene: Cameron’s playing in the tub with his Playmobil toys. There’s a ghost pirate bobbing in the water, and one on his back on the side of the tub. Around him stand a knight, a viking, and a policeman.


Mama, I’m playing something really neat. It’s dead people. His hair is kinda spikey so it looks like he died in water, and he’s got crab bites on them so you can tell where he’s been. Except this one here died in a forest and was put somewhere else. And you can tell that he grew up in Ottawa but moved to Vancouver. You can tell this from his bones and teeth and hair. And the bugs can tell you how long he’s been there.


I don’t know what I was thinking, letting you watch that forensics show on Nature of Things.


It’s okay, Mommy. They’re just toys. And I’m using my imagination. I can’t wait to tell Dima about this at daycare tomorrow, he’ll love it!


I think I’d better warn your teachers. 

(in the end it did turn out that the show disturbed him a little. I’d been surprised that he wanted to watch it at all, but then the way I presented it as we skimmed through the choices was that it was about how people solve mysteries and catch bad guys. Tonight he needed extra reassurance that we live in a safe neighbourhood, that there aren’t hordes of bad guys lurking out there ready to kill him. Here’s hoping for a nightmare-free night!)


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