Taste Test

Cameron pouted on the other side of the table as I put green lettuce leaves on his plate.  He did not want to eat vegetables today, claiming that the carrots and tomato he’d had at lunch was enough.


Just the green ones, Mama. I don’t like the purple ones, I know I don’t!


Uh-huh. Sure kiddo. I carefully complied, but commented that I didn’t think he’d ever even tasted one. I held ooooone purple one up, and suggested that he give it a try.


He looked a little unhappy, but opened his mouth up like a baby bird, willing to give it a try. He didn’t look to keen while he chewed.


Wait, I suggested.


Close your eyes. Let’s see if you can tell the difference by taste alone.


Amazingly enough, Cameron went along with this plan. So, while he scrunched his eyes shut, I quickly folded a green leaf up into a ball and popped it into his mouth.


Green, Cameron said.


Repeat, with purple.


Purple, he said.


Four leaves in a row he got right, before the pattern became clear that it was pretty random.


He laughed himself silly when after a few I rolled a green one AND a purple one into the same ball.


Before he knew it, he’d eaten around two cups of lettuce, green and purple. And then he ate the ten or so leaves I’d put on his plate at the start of all of this.


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