Happiness While Waiting for Coffee

I stood by the Starbucks counter, lost in my thoughts, listening for, “Iced Vanilla latte for Melo, easy on the ice,” to be called out. I was between work and meeting Leif, Kate, and Cameron at Cameron’s dojo, and I needed this treat. It’d been a long day.


“Sunshine,” the barrista called out, sliding a drink onto the counter. Huh, I thought. I think I knew a Sunshine in high school, she did track, from another school. Or was she Summer?  I passed the next few minutes thinking about unusual names.


Surprise! A guy picked it up. Okay, remember, I try to not judge. After all, a guy-friend at work’s name translates into Sunshine, if I recall. But it’s not exactly a common name or nickname for a Western guy to have. He nudged his girlfriend, showed her the name written on the side of his cup, and they shared a sweet smile before she went back to glaring over the counter, impatiently waiting for her drink to arrive. Awww, I thought. A sweetheart nickname.


But then the next drink was for, “Fred Astair!” Uh. Really?  “Goldfish.” “007.”


By the time my latte arrived on the scene, Melo was just about the plainest name being used.  Okay, there was one, “John,” to which those waiting responded with a hint of a disappointed sigh. We’d gotten used to character names, and “John” just seemed ordinary when compared with, “Your Highness.”


People standing in line smiled with anticipation as they came up with their own creative names, inspired by who knows what. The Starbucks folks took it all in stride, until a young man smiled broadly, and confidently introduced himself as, “Superman,” to the cashier.  This earned chuckles and smiles. He’d won. At whatever game this was.


Okay, I know, I’ve been gone for a while. Thought I’d start off by sharing this moment, as it made me laugh.


I can’t even begin to go back and write about the adventures we’ve been having. It’s too overwhelming! This has been quite a summer, beginning with packing up and moving. That’s right, we’re on a new adventure, all four of us. Cameron and I moved in with Leif and Kate! We’re still settling in – clearing clutter and stuff, making room, figuring out where things go now. The kids have had summer camps, we’ve gone camping at Christina Lake, new playgrounds to explore, an evening BBQ at a water park. Cameron got his orange belt at kickboxing!  Yes, I know, I used to call it karate. It’s not really. It’s kickboxing, but karate was the only martial art Cameron knew of, and it was just easier that way for a while.


Anyways. I’m back. At least tonight. We’ll see how things go!


4 responses to “Happiness While Waiting for Coffee

  1. Ahahaha I haven’t been to a Starbucks with such an interesting clientele!

    Soo… it was kickboxing, eh? Fun fun, definitely lots of cardio for Cameron.

    Congrats on the successful move-in!

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