The River Revisited

Shhh. Now it’s time to stop talking and listen.


You’re lying in a small meadow – shhh, now. The grass tickles a little on your neck, and you can smell the clover. Those purple flowers you like to give me? Yes, I’m there too. You’re safe.


It’s a sunny afternoon, just a few wispy clouds in the blue sky. So you’re warm from the sun. It’d be hot, but there’s a cool breeze.


You can hear that breeze blowing, swirling leaves and swooshing through branches in the forest nearby. If you listen, you can hear the wildlife in the woods, too. Oh, you’re safe. But you can hear birds twittering and chirping, and chipmunks running around.


What else can you hear? There’s a river rushing past you. It’s fresh and cool – you know, because you waded in there earlier. The rocks on the bottom are worn smooth.


Slowly, the sun starts to set. The sky turns gold,


And here’s where Cameron’s breathing slows and he twitches a little. That twitch and jump that says he’s drifting, half dreaming, almost asleep.


And pink, and the clouds get touched with just a little bit of scarlet red. The birds in the forest start settling down for the night, and singing goodnights to each other. Mama’s there, I am, and I cover you up in a warm blanket and hug you close as the sky turns deeper purple. The moon has risen, full and bright. There’s venus shining next to it. And slowly, more stars join in. You can hear the river, still, burbling and gurbling in the darkness.. And you’re safe. And you’re warm. And you’re loved.

The activity of the sport summer camps has Cameron wiped right out by the end of the day. He’s just about at the end of what he can handle by bedtime, but it’s still light out, and he’s overtired, and can’t fall asleep. This helps him. If I wait ten or so minutes of snuggle and quiet time before starting, he’s out in no time flat.


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