Back (again) to Adventures

“So what did you write about on your blog?” The question is hard to answer. I don’t want to just say, “Oh, it’s a mommy blog,” because I had tried to make it more than just that. “I wrote about encouraging parents to show their kids the adventures in life,” or something like that, is my usual response.


Which gets me thinking, do I still do that? Look for adventures? Make it a goal to have an adventure a day, plus big ones on the weekends? Teach Cameron and Kate about an adventurous perspective to life?


Hell no. I’m too tired. You’d think that moving in with someone would mean, sure, a bit more work, but also with another adult around there’d be less each. Right? Don’t get me wrong, Leif does his share. Some days he does more than that. Some days I do. I do think it balances out. But somehow there’s no time for anything any more. I’m too wrapped up in, “Would you sit properly at the dinner table?” And, “FORK! Use your fork!” Don’t forget, “How many times do I have to ask you to do something? Shouldn’t it just be once,” and, “You’re saying it’s not fair, but what you mean is, you don’t like it. Fair doesn’t come into this.” There’s endless bickering. And endless laundry, dishes (I hate, loathe, despise dishes), floors to sweep, bathrooms to clean (good god, why did he pee in the garbage?), stuff to dust, meals to prepare, kids to drive places. Uh. Yeah. Welcome to the average family, Melo. How on earth did I have more time on my hands as a single parent?


Erm. Right. Isn’t this what I was writing about? Life is busy. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the here-and-now, keeping your eyes on the sidewalk in front of you so you don’t trip over anything, that you don’t look around and enjoy the view.


Time for me to notice, again, the adventures. Big ones, but also the daily, small ones. We still have them, of course. Everyone does (or should, in my opinion). But it’s noticing them that will shift not only my experience, but also my perspective.


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