Happy New Year (or insert something original here)

Happy New Year everyone!


Yes, I’m still alive. I’m still here. I just haven’t been writing.


But lately there’ve been reminders. This blog has come up in conversation here and there, people have talked about website design and brought up WordPress, I’ve been coming up with ideas of things to write about. Just little things, tickling my imagination, reminding me that oh, yeah. I used to write.


I used to write. Used to bike. Used to ski. Used to snowboard. Used to do pottery. Used to kayak. Used to …


Ohmygod I’m a has-been.


Well, I didn’t sit down to depress myself. But that was sort of the theme of this weekend. On the plus side of things, I /have/ gotten to go climbing indoors a few times, with plans for more, as I have TWO friends who are interested. Add to this, I have a super partner who is encouraging me to get out and do things for me again.


Right. Back to that ‘for me’ thing. Writing. So, I’ve got ideas. Let’s try this yet again.


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