Suds for the Car

It’s amazing the things that are little adventures. Me, I don’t think much of mundane things like car washes. But going through one on Monday sure made Cameron’s and Kate’s day. Wish I’d taken some pictures.


Think about it.


Machines. That wash a car. There’s a thingy that carries the car forward, you don’t have to do a thing. Big brushes and whirl and swirl, water jets spraying, a tunnel … there’s no end to the excitement.


Both kids were laughing like we were on a ride at Playland. One moment was iffy for Cameron, I think the water jets were making more noise than other times, spraying the wheels or something. He was leaning forward, expression clearly showing that he was on the border between excitement and terror. I smiled at him, told him it was okay, and in a blink of an eye he was back to loving it.


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