Snow Dreams

The snow is falling, has been for an hour or so now. I dashed out with a bag of garbage to put in our bin a while back, and it was starting to dust the lawns and lane. Now, it’s streaming down from the sky in big fluffy flakes, sticking to the roads.

The kids heard on the morning weather forecast that it’s supposed to snow this weekend. They filled the car with dreams of snow forts, ice shields, flags flying, snowballs flying, as we drove to their before-school care. Cameron reminisced about playing swords with icicles nearly as big as he was … two years ago. “I’ve never in my life had a snowball fight,” Kate wistfully mentioned.

That’s life in Vancouver for kids. Around three years ago we did have a big winter, with plenty of snow on the ground. Cameron and my dad made a snowman. But it’s rare here. We just don’t get the snow that other cities get, not usually. Nothing like what I remember as a kid, growing up in Ottawa.

I suspect that Kate’s dreams of a family snowball fight, complete with forts and all, will melt away into disappointment. I doubt we’ll get that much snow. But maybe there’ll be enough for a few snowballs to sling around.



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