Let It Snow!

Okay, I’m apparently supposed to be following along with the Dark movement for the internet today. Except it’s not midnight yet here. So tomorrow maybe I’ll do something different, like, not post. Oh … wait. Hrm. That won’t be much of a protest from me. Maybe I’ll fill a page with black lines like the WordPress home page, toss in a bunch of ‘censored’ labels.

But tonight I’m going to write about something much more … white. Less dark. Like, white and fluffy and cold.

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Right! Kate got her wish! Okay, not the full-blown forts with flags and banners flying in the wind while she and her dad wage icy war against me and Cameron. But it was close enough for lots of giggles and glee.

We got an unexpected dumping of snow, a day before the weather folks said it’d arrive. My usage of the word dump here is the Vancouver version – we had a few centimeters of white stuff on the ground. Better yet, it was wet and soggy! Cameron and I tossed a few snowballs at each other as we bustled around busily in the morning. getting him to kickboxing, picking up goodies to go in birthday treat bags (yes, more on that later, my boy is six!), and swim lesson time too. We got home to find Leif and Kate outside in the snow, and a mostly-done snowman in the front yard. Kate had lost interest in doing the work of the snowman making, but Cameron helped roll the head and put it on. A smile, eyes, and a carrot nose, branches for arms, and eventually a scarf I never wear any more, and ‘Snowy’ was complete.

Then it was to the back yard for a snowball fight!


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