Veterinarian Dinner?

How come veterinarians don’t eat meat?

Cameron’s still having troubles listening to the middles of long words apparently. I’d just told him that when he grows up he can be a vegetarian if he wishes, I’ll even help him, but for now, he’s got to eat meat if it’s served for dinner. We were sitting at a table on New Year’s Eve after a day of skiing, and it turned out that there were a few vegetarians there too, so I directed his question out to them. They wisely hedged around the idea of some people not wanting to eat animals because it’s not nice to the animals, but Mama waded right on in. Cameron agreed fully, it’s cruel to eat animals.

He’d found his people.  Veterinarians. I’m gonna be one when I grow up.

No Cameron. Vegetarians.

Last night we had steak. Cameron wasn’t so thrilled to (re)learn that it comes from cows.  He chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed … and chewed. It wasn’t a very tender cut. Oh well – darn, I got to eat most of his share. But this brought up again the idea of being a vegetarian. He does NOT like meat.

So tonight we got all adventurous in the dinner department. Not hard-core vegetarian as we had dairy, but still, no meat.


I was debating not mentioning the whole no-meat thing, concerned that Cameron and Kate might turn up noses at something new. But then there’s the vegetarian thing. So I mentioned it when he asked me what was for dinner. You’ll like this, Cameron. It looks like meatballs, but it’s not. No meat at all. It’s a vegetarian dinner.  He perked right up. I’d caught his attention. Kate looked really skeptical when she saw dinner, and I explained that it’s sort of like burritos (always a hit), but from a different part of the world, and not meat.

Both kids gobbled it up. Kate wasn’t keen on the falafel part, and said it was too spicy (it did have a bit of spice to it), but the fact that it was vegetarian was enough to get Cameron to overlook the spice.

Now I wonder if the idea of tofu being vegetarian might get him to get past his dislike of stir fry.

Can’t wait until tomorrow when he tells his teacher that he ate a veterinarian dinner.


One response to “Veterinarian Dinner?

  1. Hang in there… I too was wanting to be a vegetarian when I was younger – I really didn’t like meat then and I’m sure I caused a bit of panic for my mom. I think the best solution (for now) is to do what you’re doing, toss an occasional vegetarian meal into the mix. The meat lovers will survive and Cameron will be thrilled. That’s how we manage it now that we’re adults in our house…

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