Secret Weapon

This year we haven’t gone to see Leif play hockey much. His games have been at awkward times, or we’ve had something else to do, or … I don’t know. Little things have just added up to get in the way, I guess.

This weekend the kids were told to bring something to play with so I wouldn’t have to play referee all game, and warm clothes, and I packed some colouring stuff.  The kids were thrilled to see that there was another kid to play with, a little guy they’ve seen a few times as his dad and uncle are on Leif’s team too. He’s got red hair and freckles (which thrills Kate), and he’s around Cameron’s age, so he’s happy too.

The Storm, Leif’s team, had no need of assistance from cheerleaders. They rocked all on their own. The other team had a few players who played dirty, at least one who was good at sneaking around the net to score a couple of goals that way, but over all the Storm was the better team by far.

But we discovered a Secret Weapon.

Go Storm, Go! Go Storm, Go! Go Storm, Go!

He tried a variation for a bit.

Go awesome Storm go, go Storm, go! Go awesome Storm go, go Storm, go! Go awesome Storm go, go Storm, go!

It had a bit of a catchy rhythm to it, but it was a little too complex I think for a group of kids to be shouting in unison.

Normally I do not allow Cameron to chant around me. Seriously, five repetitions of the same word or phrase is quite enough, thank you. Cheering? That’s another matter.  All the kids were at it, but Cameron was the leader. And he’s probably the loudest. And the most persistent. With just the right piercing, carrying tone that the guys on the ice could hear him quite clearly I’m told … on and on and on and on.

I’m thinking this will drive opposing teams absolutely bonkers. Like exploding heads bonkers.

Next game I’m bringing ear plugs.


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