Neighbours and Keys

Feeling really sheepish, I knocked on the door of our next door neighbours. It was almost 9pm, an hour that I’d really not consider doing this ordinarily.

But this was just one of those days.

This morning I finally called BCAA (for you Americans, think AAA I think it’s called?) to come and tow my car. They have this waiting thing for new members, where once you join you need to wait 48 hours before calling for a tow, or there’s an extra charge. Not surprisingly, BCAA couldn’t start my car with their Roadside Assistance vehicle, so I waited again for the tow truck. I’m not complaining – overall it wasn’t a bad wait.

The car got towed to a local place the BCAA recommends, and I walked to the nearest Starbucks for a coffee while I waited for the verdict. Uh. I wasn’t quite prepared for what it was. With a bit of deliberation though, Leif (on the phone) and I decided to go ahead with the repairs. The place has loaner vehicles, but … well, they were all out. So, bus to work. Bus back. Still no loaners. I do need to say here that the mechanic offered to loan me his /own/ vehicle for a couple of hours this evening, but I just knew what kind of evening our Thursdays are, and decided to stick with bussing until I can get a loaner tomorrow morning.

Okay, off to get Cameron. Off by bus across a major bridge and way west for his kickboxing. Dinner out, as per usual, with the added excitement that we’d not seen our usual ‘date’ night friends since early December. The service was s-l-o-w, unusually so, and we missed a bus. And another. Wonderful friends, they drove us home!

This leads to why I was standing on my neighbour’s porch at 9pm.

My house keys are on my keychain. Which I’d left in the ignition of my car. In a closed garage.

No, the neighbours didn’t have a key. They did have a flashlight, and offered to accompany me in a search of the shed in case we had a key hidden in there, but … I knew for almost certain that they key that had lived in there was now the one on my keychain. In the car. In the garage.  To top it off, the neighbours had had recent, close encounters with a skunk lurking around and weren’t so keen on nosing around in backyards so late.

They, such kind people, immediately welcomed me and Cameron into their home and poured me a glass of wine. Their ten year old son was still up, having a much later bedtime than Cameron, and the kids played together beautifully.

I have to say that I’m a little glad that I left my keys in the car. I got to know our neighbours.


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