High Orange

Mme was in the school office when I arrived to sign Cameron out early from school today, and we chatted on the way to her classroom about how Cameron bugged her all day. C’est l’heure? C’est l’heure? Is it time? He was so excited that he bounced into my arms, then couldn’t decide what to do next. Show mama around the classroom? Or get out the door as soon as we could? The sort of excitement with so much to do that nothing gets done. Finally, we got on our way.

Turned out we were super early. But oh well, better than being late. And I figured he’d get all his sillies out of him, wear off some of the hyper, shake out the ants.

Cameron had a tough time focusing. It wasn’t his best effort, in fact, there were several times that this mama was cringing on the sidelines. But that’s not what matters. The dojo knows he can do all the skills, they know he can focus (some of the time), at this age a belt test seems to be mostly a formality. That’s what today’s adventure was – testing for his next belt in kickboxing. It was tough. All the excitement, some pressure, they don’t test on the same floor they normally have classes, and … there’s this mirror. Cameron spent half the time making faces at himself, and missed some instructions because of it. Still, he did show them that he knows the moves. He can kick, he can jab-punch, he knows his belt level stuff. He just has his own style, as my friend Deb pointed out.

And I’m proud of him.

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