It’s been so long since I posted here that my web browser no longer knows where I’m going when I type ‘onein’. I couldn’t remember my password. Then I couldn’t remember the password to the email I use for this blog.

I miss writing.

But the question is … when?

It’s not like other bloggers have easier lives than I do. Other mom bloggers have jobs, partners, kids, chores, etc. But by the time kids are fed, bathed, and asleep (okay, I’m often asleep at this point), laundry done or dishes washed or bathroom cleaned or kitty litter scooped or whatever … I’m so pooped I just want to flop and watch something entertaining on the TV.

So how to find the time?


One response to “Forgotten

  1. I hear ya! It’s so hard to find time to write! And my husband gets mad when I’m online every night. But I’m not a big tv watcher, so when he’s watching tv, that’s when I try to write!

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