Why Yes, He Did Just Lick a Rock

Really, there was a good reason why Cameron was standing in front of me, licking a rock. And why I wasn’t stopping him.

I was too entranced by watching his thought process.

Mama, there’s something about this flashlight that you didn’t know, and it’s really cool!

Oh, I said? Mind you, these are pretty cool flashlights that Granna and Grandpa Bill sent to begin with, even with my apparently limited knowledge. They’re waterproof, for starters, with a compartment in the handle for keeping things dry and safe. With a click of the button they cycle from bright white LED spotlight, to the spotlight plus the handle lights up in shifting colours, to just the handle lit up in shifting colours, to the handle flashing red. And there are two little metal dots that we supposed were for some mysterious not-included recharger.

If you drop it in water when you’ve got it on the white light, it changes to flashing red! All on its own!

OH! Those dots. They’re not recharging dots, they’re sensors. Complete the circuit with something like water, and it flips a switch inside. I explained this to Cameron, and demonstrated by licking my thumb and touching the sensors. When he got over the gales of laughter incited by my outrageous behaviour, he ooohed appropriately as indeed this caused the flashlight to go from white light to flashing red.

He played with it then a little. Did you have to touch both dots? What if you started out with the handle changing colours. What if it had both lights going? What if it was off?

Mommy! So if you drop this in the lake when it’s dark and it’s not even on, you can find it!

Not bad, kiddo. But he didn’t stop there.

Does it have to be water Mama?

I responded like any infuriating adult. I asked him what he thought.

So he ran around in the dim light of dusk,trying things. Rocks. Sticks. Bark. Dirt. Tree sap. Oil to remove the tree sap. His tongue. Yes, he licked the flashlight. This started him licking other things, like rocks. Kate joined in, drawn by the laughter and fun.

And yes. A sufficiently spit-wet rock will switch the flashlight to flash red.

Enough discovery and the kids were ready for some more conventional fun. Like making silly faces in the light.

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