After Dinner Adventure

newbike1 newbike2

It’s been so long that I can’t even remember how to insert photos into a post.

So, Cameron has grown – it’s one of those bizarre things that kids do. His little bike  is now rather comically small! So this weekend we ventured into the world of Craigslist and managed to find him one that was everything he wanted … bigger (much bigger), has hand brakes, has gears, and most of all? It’s red.

So of course, today he wanted to ride it. Up and down the alley like yesterday just wasn’t enough, and Leif and I were infuriatingly busy. Doing dumb stuff like weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, being generally lame. He had one of those days where nothing quite went right. And to make it worse, we expected him to help and be polite!

So, we did something we just don’t do.

Normally, it’s dinner-bath-bed. Or, for variation, dinner-dictee-bath-bed.

Tonight we hoped on our bikes for a gear-shifting lesson. That just happened to take us past an ice cream place.



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