Boy Vs Beast

boyvsbeastThrough the looking glass or wardrobe, hear a who with Horton, save the world with an unlikely hero in underpants, or travel through time in a book-filled treehouse. Cameron has adventures overflowing his shelves and the basket beside his bed.

Cameron has finally moved from laboriously sounding out words letter by letter, and now reads to himself. There’s a comfortable silence punctuated by occasional, “Oh COOL!” Or, “No way,” followed by gales of giggles, as he works his way through the chapters of Boy Vs Beast. He’s following in Kate’s footsteps (or perhaps chasing as fast as he can), as she’s devouring books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as fast as she can. Drives to before-school-care have turned into reading sessions … with an almost competitive air to them.  While they do still play (and bicker), they’re often sprawled out in the living room, reading, one on the couch, the other maybe draped over the piano bench, eyes on their books.

Tonight, Cameron read to me, excited to share the ‘comic’ section of his current volume Boy Vs Beast. He’d take a moment to look at each picture, then read the dialogue in an expressive rush.

Of course, as promised years ago now when he first started to read, I still read to him every night. I will continue to do so until he asks me to stop. He loves it so much, I almost expect to be reading to him on the phone when he’s 56.


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