Butterflies Conquer Fear

(Image is not mine, credit must go to the movie, Flight of the Butterflies)

Cameron looked at me warily, backing away from the sign. He’d been to Imax and Omnimax movies before. There was the mountain climbing one, where the avalanche scene sent us frantically scrambling down dark stairs for the exit and Cameron was so distressed they refunded my tickets on the spot, and the 3D Hubble one where Cameron wailed, “Don’t let the smoke get me, Mama,” during the space shuttle take-off scene … the scene I’d thought he’d be guaranteed to love.

“I know you’re nervous, Cameron, but …. Butterflies, Cameron. How scary are butterflies?”

He gave a little nervous laugh, and asked me if any butterflies would die. Uh, it’s a nature show. I was pretty certain we’d see death. But I shrugged and said that I didn’t know. It was all I could summon up. This was a rather spontaneous dinner-and-movie thing at Telus World of Science (aka Science World), at the end of a long day at work, and I’d just picked up both kids and gotten them to Science World via Skytrain to meet Leif there.

Cameron eased up a little, agreeing to try the movie, and we all headed to the restaurant for the burger-and-fries dinner included in the package deal. Leif managed to snag the comfy chairs, too. I’d anticipated a crowded and kid-intensive evening, but it was surprisingly empty.

Okay, so butterflies died. LOTS of butterflies died. In fact, they died by the bajillions.

Still, Cameron was only briefly sad, not traumatized, and left the theatre all smiles (and yawns), even eager for more Omnimax viewing. Maybe, he says, he’ll watch the arctic one with me.


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