Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor at the walk-in clinic.

You clearly do not have children.

eyedropsIn case that label isn’t clear, it’s two drops. Each eye. Four times a day. That’s sixteen drops a day in total.

We would do nothing but hold down a squirming boy aiming drops at his eyes all day long if we tried to do this.

In all truthfulness, Cameron is being a total trooper on this. He does take forever between drops to let me near him again, eyes squished shut, fingers pressing the bridge of his nose in an effort to keep from rubbing. It stings, that’s for sure. He’s not crying, wailing, or refusing. It just takes forever.

And no. We’re not managing to follow the doctor’s directions. I’m not even sure why I’m bothering. Do people actually go blind or die from viral pink eye when they don’t take preventative antibiotics?


2 responses to “Dear Doctor

  1. I get pink eye quite a bit, but there’s no WAY I could handle 16 drops a day! But I will say that after a day of the medicine, I’m 100% better (I rarely use all the medicine– maybe this is why I keep getting pink eye– shame on me!)

    • Yeah, I should probably dedicate myself to giving him this med properly … because while he’s not going to go blind, the #$%^ing infection keeps coming back! He woke up this morning with bright pink eyes … again.

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