Try a Tri

Swimming? Biking? And running? All in one day, all in one race? Cameron jumped on the idea as soon as he heard about it. Okay, okay, it helped that his friends from kickboxing were doing it too. Nothing like a little peer pressure. So, we decided he could give it a try.

This weekend was Burnaby’s first annual Sunrype TRi KiDS triathlon. This series does its best to give kids a positive experience on their triathlon experience, with a philosophy of ‘complete, not compete’. Now, I’m not usually big on the total removal of winning and losing from kids’ lives today, but as an introduction method? Great! Because at this point, getting them interested and enthusiastic is what matters. This weekend adventure was fun and incredible for Cameron.

He was so excited, especially after the pre-race package pick up on Saturday. Balloons, T shirt, bib with his number on it, fruit snacks, and a water bottle all were hits, but what really made his day was having his number jiffy-markered on his arm and leg.

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The day of the race was an early start, but he was rearing to go. It all fell into place naturally, thanks to the great planning of the people who were organizing the event, and the help of the cheerful volunteers. He was a little nervous from the looks of things as he slid into the pool, ready for the start countdown. But once he was going, it all went smoothly. He swam better (in chunks) than I’d seen him swim before. Off he went to transition, where we’d left his things neatly stacked and ready, and he had his own volunteer to help him. Note to self, next time, don’t bother with socks. Biking went by quickly, and the run too. As Cameron headed for the chute to the finish line, his name was announced over the loud speaker, and he broke out into a huge grin, sprinting to the end, with me, Leif, and Kate all cheering him on.

It’s not the race that was important, nor how quickly he did transitions, nor where he placed. That smile and sprint were what was important there. How happy he was, and how he beamed when he saw that Leif and Kate had arrived in time. Spending the whole day beaming as people everywhere asked him if he’d been in a race, seeing the numbers marked on his arm and leg, and the medal he proudly sported, that was important.

And when I asked him if he’d like to do another triathlon in mid-July?

Oh, yes, Mommy! Yes!

Okay. We’ll make that happen.


3 responses to “Try a Tri

  1. Fantastic race Cameron . . . great swim style too. Thanks Melanie for the photos and clear write-up, we could almost hear the cheers.

  2. Glad it was a success and that he wants to do more in the future. I’m enjoying reading your posts. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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