It’s About Style

P6090496Maybe he likes the attention he gets. He sure gets a lot of, “You dressed yourself this morning, didn’t you?” Maybe it’s just fun. Whatever the case, my quirky son is enjoying his latest expression of style.

This is the closest his socks come to matching. They’re the same style, just different colours. They’re normally as dissimilar as he can manage.


I’ve learned to not let this bother me. Because really, why does it matter? Our pants aren’t the same fabric as our shirts. So why must our socks match?


And it brings him such happiness. Such a simple thing. Such a quiet and yet firm statement of who he is, a little touch of nonconformity and self expression.


It makes laundry easier, too. No more matching and rolling pairs of socks. What’s the point? One sock in a pair goes missing or grows a hole? Oh well!




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