Fishing Afternoon

fishingpneWe spent a good chunk of Father’s day on a floating dock at a small lake. We’d started off the day at the Car Free Day festival on Commercial Drive, but then Kate had a birthday party to go to. While we waited, we went fishing.

Lines cast, we just sat in the sun. Lovely! There were schools of fish, ducklings trailing after their parent, a heron, and even an osprey. It was a gorgeous day. One might have even thought that we were in the middle of nowhere, a cottage just around those trees over there.

Might have. If one couldn’t hear.

If it weren’t for the roar of traffic on Hastings, the announcer from Hastings race track, and the screams from Playland. Oh, and the incessant whining of a bored seven year old who wanted the fish to bite.

Even still, it was pretty nice.  Easy to pretend.

Tucked in Hastings Park of Vancouver, there’s a little greenspace park with a small lake (pond?) in it – the Sanctuary. This is stocked once or twice a year with hundreds of rainbow trout – bring a fishing rod and line. If you’re over 16 and wish to fish, you need a Freshwater Fishing license. Or you could just go to sit and relax, watch the enormous schools of goldfish or the birds, and pretend for a little while that you’re at a cottage on holiday.



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