That’s what you call out on the golf course to warn others, right? Fore?

No, golf isn’t my thing. But it is one of Leif’s many things, and Cameron is enthusiastic about it too.

That is, he’s enthusiastic about the idea of playing golf. And about hitting the balls. But not so much about doing as he’s told and following the rules and listening, or about hitting the ball the right way as opposed to any way he felt like. Maybe Friday after dinner wasn’t the best time for that activity.

Still, I think he had fun. He did manage to hit the ball with what looked like  a decent swing a few times, and so did I. I think. At least, people weren’t pointing and laughing. Leif launched a new small, white pitted satellite into orbit with every hit as best as I could tell.


One response to “Fore!

  1. Cameron is so athletic! I bet he loved the driving range, that’s the best part about golf! I have no patience for putting!

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