Last Minute

Yet again, I am the Last Minute Mom.

Thursday is the last day of the school year, in fact, today was the last full day. Tomorrow it’s just an hour to hand out report cards and a final end-of-year assembly.

Oh, and to give the teachers presents.

I don’t go overboard. Don’t get me wrong – Cameron’s teacher deserves a bottle of very nice wine after dealing with my child for the past few months (she was on maternity leave before February). But kids bringing wine to an elementary school just feels wrong. Still, the teachers have a tough job, and frankly aren’t paid enough for caring for, educating, and training their students.

EOYgift3You’d think I would plan ahead, but no, this afternoon I stopped at a couple of stores on the way home.

Both Cameron’s and Kate’s teachers will receive a re-usable drink bottle filled with a couple of new Dasani water flavourings, and some Starbucks Refresher mixes. But that’s not very personal. With both Leif and me working full time, we haven’t really had a chance to get to know the teachers to give them anything more tailored. So, it’s kids’ crafts and Pinterest to the rescue!

EOYgift2Remember Shrink-a-dinks? Well, you can buy the plastic in sheets. Colour with Sharpie permanent markers, two or three minutes in the oven, and ta-dah! Jewelry!

Okay, it’s a little bit more work than that.

There was the would-be-ring that curled and got stuck. Thankfully I’d explained that this was just a test, so there were no tears.

There was, well, how does one put a hole in these things to hang on a necklace? Turns out, a standard sized hole punch is perfect.

Oh. The sharpie markers smear before they go in the oven … which meant that Cameron’s hands look like he got attacked by a paint shop.

EOYgift4The package says that the plastic shrinks to 20% of its original size. Er … try 40%. Which meant that the necklace pendants are plaques and the rings were too long.

Then there was my brilliant idea to try making rings in the first place. This involves taking the hot, gooey plastic out of the oven and wrapping it around a thick marker before it’s too hardened to bend. There’s around a nanosecond between hot-enough-to-burn and too-hard-will-shatter. Ow.

But in the end, we’ve got two kids who are happy with the gifts they’ll give to their teachers.



One response to “Last Minute

  1. I gave Bug’s teacher a bottle of wine on the last day of school. Don’t judge me! I figured it was what she really wanted!

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