Lucky – a Salmon Tale

Slide1Tonight’s post is courtesy of Cameron. This is the tale of Lucky the salmon. The writing is a little hard to read in these scans, and it’s in grade-one-french-immersion (in other words, not perfect French but a pretty darned good attempt). So I’ll include a rough translation. It’s short, but I’m pretty proud of my kid – the story and the illustrations are creative and funny I think – so I wanted to share.


There was once a salmon named Lucky. He was slow. He was a newly hatched fry.


One time, a beak was plunged into the water, and it said, “Hello! Are there any fish here?” Lucky said, “Yes!”


“YIPEE” said the bird, and then it ate Lucky! Next, the bird puked Lucky back into the water.  He swam away.

Cameron’s class studied salmon this year, but Kate and Cameron also got to have some up-close encouters with salmon. Okay, more than a few, as salmon does tend to make fairly regular appearances on our table. I mean live baby ones. They helped release thousands of lucky juvenile chum salmon into Eagle Creek on a rainy cold weekend. There weren’t many volunteers, so they got to run from the tank to the creek again and again, getting full bags and dumping them in.


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