Some Flag Waving

(okay, transferring photos from my phone to my computer is just not working tonight … I’ll post pics tomorrow.)

It’s Canada Day!

We spent the day at Burnaby Museum’s back-in-time to 1920’s Canada Day celebrations. They really put on a great shindig, despite the crabbiness exuding from this one particular mom.  There was the usual stuff-gathering plus competition and bickering from the small set. But we did have some fun. Cameron and I checked out the World in Burnaby display (where Cameron played Atlas to the amusement of the ladies there), antique cars to play at having a Sunday Drive, the old streetcar on display … and Cameron’s favourite, the blacksmith.

Do you think I took one single picture of a Canadian flag?

Er. Uh. No.

Don’t get me wrong though, my lack of  visual flag waving doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my country. I firmly believe that we live in the best place on the planet. In the past few years I’ve just about burst with pride for Canadians and all we can do. This past year, Col. Chris Hadfield brought our kids into the International Space Station via Youtube. I’m sure he knows, but let me just say, wow. He inspired a whole generation of kids, making science and space fun in a way that’s been lost to our education system (and a big AHEM to the government. SCIENCE people. It’s the future, and we cannot afford the current policies. The gagging of scientists, ridiculous reduction to funding, increasing hoop jumping, and now tying science to industry has got to stop). I hope he knows the magic he created. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the newest Canadian superstar. Surely nobody missed his rendition of Space Oddity, but just in case, I’m going to link to it here.

Kudos to Canadians for another great year. Be proud. Wave those flags a little – it’s something we in general don’t do. We just quietly know that we rock.


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