Riding a Moose

The Greater Vancouver Zoo has not only real animals, but also some lovely statues, such as the bear in yesterday’s video. There’s a giraffe that Cameron and I had our pictures taken at years ago, a horse decked out for riding, a pig, bison, I’m sure a number of others … and a moose. The kids had already posed on a few of them, but I was on my own with Kate for the moose.

She climbed up, and gave me a closed-mouth posed smile.

Aw, c’mon.

So, I did everything I could short of handstands to get her to really smile, but Kate was determined. This is how she looks for pictures. I nattered on about the absurdity of riding a moose. We made goofy faces at each other, and she still didn’t crack a smile. I rhymed moose with everything I could think of – loose, goose, caboose, froose – no, froose isn’t a word, but I was trying to get her to laugh. No go.

Finally, I suggested that she drape herself over the moose’s antlers and pretend to be taking a nap.


A real smile from a beautiful girl.

Riding a moose.




One response to “Riding a Moose

  1. Ah, sweet. There’s not enough photos of Kate.

    Bug has been having trouble smiling for the camera lately, too, but it’s because she’s missing some teeth that haven’t grown in yet and she’s self conscious. I told her she looks like every other 7-year-old in the world!

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