Google looked at my typical driving route home, analyzed the traffic, and predicted it would take me an hour and five minutes to get home from work.

But Google didn’t know I was on a bike.

Still, an hour and twelve, over 20km. Not bad. Same as the trip in to work.

Which means, I got nearly two hours and a half of good exercise in … and it only ‘cost’ me less than fifteen minutes of my day.  Oh, and a whole lot of energy too. I ate my lunch at 10am. And I’m not sure if my legs will ever forgive me.  I’ve done this five times now.


2 responses to “Commute

  1. Wow Mel! Good for you. The fifteen minutes in the scheme of things is not much when you look at what it gains you – you put me to shame with my 64 km drive (return) each day (but I do carpool with Pat). Keep it up.

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