A Week at a Lake

Maybe I’ll just leave this lake nameless here. Our little secret destination, a solid day’s drive from home, in the hot and dry interior region of BC. The campsite is busy enough, thanks, I don’t need to send a zillion people there!

We spent a week camping there – hot days (until the thunderstorms came, oh well) in the sun on the beach, splashing in the water, hours spent with good books. Okay okay, we’re city folk. Good books on e-readers. The campground is rustic; a forestry service site, with pit toilets and no electricity or running water. No bookings allowed, just show up and if there’s space you’re in luck. We lucked out and got the best site in the place, just steps in the beach but not right on the main beach access itself.

Did we have adventures? I’d had ideas of an adventure a day, taking pictures, writing posts, look at how much fun we have! Honestly though … not so much. And this was okay. I took a break from trying that.

The truth is, I barely took my camera out. The kids ran off and found friends, enjoying the freedom to just hop on their bikes or run off into the woods. Cameron spent a lot of time with two different kids in particular, just romping through the forest playing loud shouting boy’s games. Kate spent some time trying to make friends with a couple of much older girls … who very much did not wish to play with a ‘kid’. It’s a tough in-between age she’s at. But she did eventually find a friend, and one who reads the same books she does! They cheerfully hung out together, making up warrior cat names and pretend stories. Of course, we had fun times and small adventures together. Cameron and I went for a hike with his buddy, up beside roaring falls, where the drop below us was a little unsettling for me but thrilling for the boys. Both got stern warnings to not try this climb alone, please and thank you. Leif and Kate spent time ‘hunting’ squirrels and floating adrift on the lake. We had campfires (until the burn ban came down from the forestry folk), and one all-out family water fight. Cameron and I played beach volleyball and badminton, and swam and swam. The kids caught a steady stream of insects and minnows with their nets, making homes for them temporarily then setting them free. Leif took each kid for an early morning fishing trip, and each caught a fish! I got to go for solo runs, 3km up to the main road (and I do mean up), then back again. Leif and I had a lovely quiet dinner, then some time catching up with friends we’d made last year at this same place, and we had lots of time sitting together, reading, laughing over the same book.

And that’s our week in a nutshell. Sure, we had adventures. But I just let things go with the flow. So … you’ll have to make do with some pictures.


2 responses to “A Week at a Lake

  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful vacation! Glad you were able to get away from it all and recharge the batteries. I’m envious.

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