Jingle Poop

jinglebellsMy dearest Cameron,

In case the heat, the mosquitoes, camping, and swimming weren’t enough clues, let me tell you this: it is SUMMER.

Enough with Jingle Bells!

If you’re humming or singing, it’s to the tune of Jingle Bells lately. And it’s pretty much constant. It’s your chosen theme song, apparently. Batman has nanananananana, you have Jingle Bells.

I’ll give you that it’s an improvement over Gangnam Style, which was about all that came out of your mouth for months on end last year.  It got to the point where I’ve banned that song from our home. Yes, banned. Before anyone jumps down my throat about that, let me tell you that there’s something really wrong with a six year old kid serenading a total stranger (or a girl in his class at school) at the top of his lungs with, “Heeeey, sexy lady!!” Zero impulse control, and he could not see why this was seriously uncool. And I suppose that some might say I’m stifling your creativity, as you certainly don’t sing the regular Jingle Bells lyrics, or even Vive le Vent. I, however, don’t count singing the same word over and over again for twenty minutes straight to be creative.

This morning I was treated to the following awesome lyrics:

Poop poop poop,

Poop poop poop,

A little piece of poop.

Poop poop poop poo-poop poop poop


Since you were following rules and singing this in the ‘privacy’ of your own room, I’m not going to fuss over the poop thing. I”ll pick my battles; we can deal with that later.

For now?

Give Jingle Bells a freaking rest already!





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