God’s Address

godaddressSee that cloud, Mama? Maybe that’s where God is. Only we just don’t know because we haven’t looked there. 

Uh, huh, I responded distractedly. We were stuck in traffic, detoured much farther south than our normal commute home due to construction. Cameron’s quiet and thoughtful, overall happy mood was the result of one of my few Wise Parenting Moves of late … he’d spotted a playground and wistfully sighed, “I really wish I could be playing there right now.” We’d had a rough day, in a series of rough days, and I knew we needed to find a re-set button. So, wish granted. It wasn’t a long stop, but that was okay. It was just long enough to let him feel like he got his way at least once that day.

I asked him why he thought that God might be hiding out in a cloud.

Because, Mama. Heaven is up in the sky. I thought briefly that I needed a towel to sop up the well-DUH dripping from those words.

I ahhhed, nodding.  Sometimes, I explained, people seem to think that heaven is up in the sky. But that’s just one way of explaining it because it’s easier to think of that than other possibilities.  Nobody really knows, if Heaven exists, where it would be or even if it has a ‘where’.

Cameron frowned a little, I could see in the rear-view mirror. Then he asked, But then, where does God live, if it’s not up in the sky?

I thought about my answer, taking my time, as a driver ahead decided to block traffic while trying to edge into a parking spot a half-meter too small for her car. I decided to reply that different people have different ideas of this. Some people think it’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. Some would say that God lives in our hearts, just as I tell him that Nana is always in our hearts and our thoughts.

Maybe Heaven is all around us, between all the little particles and atoms and stuff, Cameron suggested. He’s been watching a lot of Ted-Ed lately. There’s lots of space there. More space than stuff.  And maybe it’s in another dimension that we just can’t detect so people don’t think it’s really there. 

I agreed, that this was possible. We just don’t know, and have no way of knowing.

The traffic eased up, and we drove on in silence, heading back towards our regular route.

Then, from the back seat, Cameron stated firmly,

Well, I think that God lives in everything. One God or thirteen thousand, God is in everything. 

You might be right, Cameron. You might just be right.


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