Hey, Summer?

Hey Summer!

So tell me, where exactly do you think you’re going? We’re not done with you yet. Just because school starts doesn’t mean an end to the summer fun – the weather’s still nice (okay, a few rip roaring thunderstorms have crashed over the city), in fact now that it’s cooler the bugs aren’t so bad.  There are still lakes warm enough to swim in, minnows to be caught, marshmallows to be roasted over crackling fires.

The weekend after school starts, the one after the frantic ‘last chance to camp’ Labour day weekend, is probably my favourite weekend to take off and go camping. We made a long weekend of it, heading for the Sunshine Coast on Thursday evening, arriving just in time to set up the camper and start a campfire. We got our pick of sites, the same one as last year, right on the water with our own makeshift ‘dock’. The lake was peaceful and quiet enough to hear the wings of ravens flying past, with only a few camp sites filled. Mornings were cool and cloudy, but the sun soon broke through for gorgous afternoons. There was plenty of swimming and minnow hunting, bike riding and fairy-house building too. We had campfires every evening, and tried out our new ‘Pie Iron’ for dessert … think grilled cheese sandwiches with sweet nutella and banana goodness inside instead of cheese. Then, stepping away from the glow of the fire and out onto the dock (ever so carefully), the sky was filled with an impossible number of stars, reflected in the still lake below, so it felt like you were on a platform in the middle of the universe.

Too bad it was a much shorter camping trip than our mid-summer one.

But you know … school and work called us back for Monday.

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