A Camping Treasure Hunt

The campsite held a surprise for us – a treasure hunt! The clues were written in black marker, and had clearly been there a little while as some were challenging to read. But, we managed.


The first clue was found written on the stump we were using as a water jug stand.

P9060150Alright, so this one required some explanation for the kids. First, 90 degrees isn’t a clear concept for them, so we played a little with what 360 degrees and 180 degrees meant. Then they each figured out what 90 degrees could mean. Great, right? Oops. What’s a pace? Kate was sure it meant foot-lengths, but it didn’t take long for her to discover otherwise.



This one was hard to read, but we eventually figured it out. You have found the second clue. Now look straight ahead and walk 23 paces.P9060141

There, really close to the 23 paces, was the next clue, on the end of a stump. Again, hard to read. Turn 90 degrees to your right and walk 19 steps.



With a little searching, this final clue was found. Look where the arrow is pointing. You have completed this challenge. Pls sign at the first clue. (The arrow didn’t turn up in the photo … it wraps around the tree somewhat)



Found it!


2 responses to “A Camping Treasure Hunt

    • Hi, thanks for commenting! I agree, much like a low-tech version of geocaching. Never heard of letterboxing, but I’ll check it out for sure.

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